Coaches, Parents, Guests,  

Can we get your feedback about your recent participation at our 2014 Liberty Cup?

We want to make this competition a 10.00 but we are sure we have much to do to improve the experience.

Share with us anything you have, the good and the bad, all topics are welcome;

viewing, concessions, seating, equipment, comfort, food, parking, awards you name it!

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Results 2014 (Excel format)


Friday, December 5, 2014

Session I

USAIGC Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum


Session II

USAIGC Bronze age 7-10


Session III

USAIGC Bronze age 11+


Session IV

USAG Level 8


Session V

USAG Level 9 & 10, Xcel Diamond & Platinum



Saturday December 6, 2014

Session VI

USAG Level 2


Session VII

USAG Level 5, Xcel Gold


Session VIII

USAG Level 6, age 8-12


Session IX

USAG Level 7, Level 6 age 13+



Sunday December 7, 2014

Session X

USAG Level 3, ages 9, 10, 11


Session XI

USAG Level 3, 8 and under, 12+


Session XII

USAG Level 4, ages 10,11


Session XIII

USAG Level 4, ages 7-9, 12+